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          DT 252

          Single-ear headphones for broadcasting/tv studios (closed)
          • High-performance neodymium magnet system for excellent playback precision
          • Balanced, spacious sound
          • Good isolation from ambient noise
          • Soft, circumaural ear pads, practical click system for replacing the ear pads
          • Made in Germany

          Delivery time: 5-7 days apprx. 2-3 days 5-7 days

          The DT 252 is a lightweight, single sided, low profile design, closed dynamic headphone offering good ambient noise isolation.

          It’s suitable for various applications in broadcast and recording studios. The powerful neodymium magnet systems provide high-fidelity reproduction and a balanced sound. The headband and earphone cushioning system have been carefully designed for maximum comfort and unobtrusive style. 

          Technical Data

          Operating principle
          Transmission Type
          Without Remote
          weight headphones without cable
          170 g
          Headphone frequency response
          10 - 30.000 Hz
          Nominal sound pressure level
          100 dB SPL
          Sound coupling to the ear
          Circumaural (around the ear)
          Cable & Plug
          Coiled connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & ?“ adapter (6.35 mm)
          article No.
          DT 252: SELECT OPTION



          MAN_DT250-DT252-DT280-DT287-DT290-DT291-DT297_DE-EN-FR_A7.pdf (474.69 KB)

          Spec Sheet

          DAT_DT250_252_EN_A5.pdf (257.60 KB)

          EU Declaration of Conformity

          Attach File or Enter Link DEC_DT252_EN_EU.pdf (81.81 KB)

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